Preventing Infections: 6 Best Practices for Cleaning a Medical Office

July 8, 2024
cleaning a medical office

Medical offices and facilities are for providing quality healthcare services to citizens. When cleaning a medical office, you should ensure the safety of patients and employees working at a facility. The cleaning can be performed outdoors or inside the building where patients and their families are seated. An extensive office cleaning presents an aesthetically satisfying look for people with ailments.

There are industry standards for medical office cleaning, especially for diagnostic centers, private clinics, and hospitals. All medical offices have patient examination rooms, blood test centers, collection rooms, waiting rooms, etc. with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Regular cleaning not only ensures the safety of employees but also helps keep the instruments and equipment in a running condition.

Let’s get an insight into how to clean a medical office to prevent infections by adhering to global industry standards. The health and safety of individuals must be a priority.

Medical Office Cleaning & Sanitizing by Industry-Certified Agencies

Here are the best practices for medical office disinfection, sanitizing, and cleaning, using non-hazardous and non-toxic chemicals. The safe methods and processes are described below.

Trash & Waste Disposal

This is the first step in cleaning a medical office. All kinds of medical waste, comprising empty cans, bottles, syringes, cotton, bandages, paper, plastic waste, etc. should be disposed of safely into trash bins.

The office cleaning crew should be familiar with different types of toxic and hazardous wastes, dumping them into respective bins. The cleaners should also dispose of their gloves and masks after single use, and dump them into trash containers.

After waste disposal, the floor in the doctor’s chamber, examination center, first-aid room, emergency zone, outpatient waiting area, and every other place must be thoroughly sanitized. It has to be mopped and cleaned with mild liquid disinfectants after dry dusting the entire space. This helps prevent the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria. There’s always a threat of infection in such places with patients suffering from different ailments.

Dusting Surfaces

When a surface is neglected for a considerable time, dust accumulates. This can create a negative impression about a brand or a medical facility among customers.

Moreover, the health & hygiene aspect cannot be ignored. Regular dusting of surfaces, especially in clinics, doctors’ chambers, health examination centers, blood test facilities, and first-aid rooms creates a positive vibe.

Dusting & hard floor mopping also helps remove allergens, germs, and bacteria on any surface. Medical offices & buildings need to portray a clean, hygienic, and tidy look. After all, a person visits a health clinic to get cured of his ailments. But if the place is unkept, it sends a wrong signal to all health service recipients.

Cleaning Patient Examination Rooms

In hospitals and health diagnostic centers, patient examination rooms must be extensively cleaned after every use. This is a part of medical office cleaning where all countertops, chairs, table tops, instruments, equipment, doorknobs, light switches, and surfaces are properly cleaned. Here, mild disinfectants and sanitizers are used for cleaning medical examination rooms.

Disinfecting Bathrooms

Washrooms or bathrooms in hospitals must be kept spic-n-span, ensuring the highest hygiene standards. It needs frequent cleaning after every use. You cannot leave any water on the surface of the floor or countertops. It attracts allergens and forms a breeding ground for germs and harmful bacteria. Here, you can take the help of experts in cleaning a medical office who know the techniques and best practices.

Restrooms at medical centers, hospitals, and clinics require pressure cleaning with a hydro-jet pressure power washer to remove all dirt. Bathroom corners usually have mold, algae, moss, and fungus accumulation. Chemical disinfectants mixed with water can remove the dirt, leaving a space spotlessly clean. Make sure the washroom is dry and devoid of water accumulation.

Reception or Waiting Area

When a patient enters a medical building or hospital, the initial point of contact is the furniture comprising chairs, cupboards, tables, and countertops. Then, stationery items like pens, paper, clipboards, etc. also require proper cleanup. To ensure a clean and hygienic vibe, regular cleaning of the patient reception area is mandatory. This must be done every hour, as there’s a steady footfall.

You can hire the services of a commercial cleaning agency that specializes in cleaning a medical office with non-hazardous chemicals, sanitizers, and disinfectants. FYI, they are well informed about the US safety standards in medical office sanitization. It is a wise decision to hire their services.

Floors, Furniture & Touch Points

Hospital floors should be cleaned hourly or bi-hourly using non-toxic chemicals and mild disinfectants. This eliminates the chances of the potential spread of allergens, germs, viruses, and other pathogens embedded in the carpet and corners.

Similarly, all furniture in patient examination rooms and doctor’s chambers must be extensively sanitized with liquid disinfectants by spraying them over the services. All the upholstery and rugs should be cleaned regularly, as they attract dust particles, dirt, and pollen.

Lastly, cleaning the surface of electric switches, window latches, door knobs and table surfaces ensures a safe and hygienic interaction.

When you hire the services of an accredited company specializing in commercial cleaning services, be rest assured about their professionalism. Whether deep cleaning, pressure cleaning, dusting, mopping, disinfecting, or sanitizing a medical facility, they have expertise. Ask for a medical office sanitization quote, and they provide affordable yet effective solutions. It is essential to portray a positive vibe to patients looking for health services at hospitals. A professional medical facility cleaning service does the same.

July 8, 2024
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